Thomas E. Peck on Acts 7:55, 56

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    Apologies for yet another thread, but these comments on Christ's "standing at the right hand of God" in Acts 7:55, 56 may be of interest to some of you:

    "Standing.'' I marvel that Calvin should have denied that there is any special significance in the posture here. His reasons are unworthy of so great an expounder of God's word. The "standing," here, undoubtedly denotes a readiness to help, an addressing himself to action in behalf of his servants, while sitting would imply only the possession of all authority and power.

    Thomas E. Peck, Notes on the Acts of the Apostles in Miscellanies of Rev. Thomas E. Peck, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Theology in the Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, ed. T. C. Johnson (3 vols, Richmond VA: The Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1895-97), 3: 128.
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    I have especially enjoyed the Thomas Peck quotes. Thank you.
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