Thomas Blake on consolation to the parents of children who die in infancy

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
As it is full of Consolation to Believers in respect of themselves, so also in reference to posterity: Their children are God’s children: They being of the Lord’s Inheritance, their children are his heritage in like manner: These bring forth children to God, their seed be owns and challenges for His: An infinite love in God, an unspeakable comfort to a parent, when the Infant, who by corruption of nature is in Satan’s jaws, in no less danger of Hell, then Moses was of the water; and not so much as sensible of it; God pleases to look upon him in this condition and to make it the time of love, and to find out ways of freedom.

What the Apostle speaks from the Prophet of God’s care of the Gentiles, is certainly true being applied to Infants. I was found of them that sought me not, and made manifest to them that enquired not after me. Had we that hopeless opinion of our children as Papists of theirs that die without Baptism; what a wretched case were it (with David) to part with an Infant out of the world? How could such mourn in any other way then those that are without hope? parting with an Infant without part in Christ, and in no better posture towards God then the seed of the sinners of the Gentiles. But we find God more rich in mercy, Christ himself embracing them in their infancy, and taking them into his special love as those that bear his name: ...

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