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This Stupid Heart of Mine!

Discussion in 'Daily Devotional Forum' started by JM, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. JM

    JM Puritan Board Professor

    O for a glance of heavenly day,
    To take this stubborn heart away,
    And thaw, with beams of love divine,
    This heart, this frozen heart of mine.

    The rocks can rend; the earth can quake;
    The seas can roar; the mountains shake:
    Of feeling, all things show some sign,
    But this unfeeling heart of mine.

    To hear the sorrows Thou hast felt,
    O Lord, an adamant would melt:
    But I can read each moving line,
    And nothing moves this heart of mine.

    Thy judgments, too, which devils fear
    Amazing thought! unmoved I hear;
    Goodness and wrath in vain combine
    To stir this stupid heart of mine.

    But something yet can do the deed;
    And that dear something much I need:
    Thy Spirit can from dross refine,
    And move and melt this heart of mine.

    ~ Gadsby's Hymns #316, Joseph Hart ~
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