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  1. LilyG

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    I just learned that the manger, a feeding trough was carved out of stone, that Jesus was wrapped in cloths and laid in. That this foretold his death and burial, wrapped in cloths and laid in a stone tomb! And that's why the shepherds were so happy at this "sign." That this was the One who would die for our sin. I didnt know that! Is that true? Amazing!
  2. Susan777

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    I don’t think the shepherds understood the Atonement at that point but it’s a lovely idea, even if totally fanciful.
  3. Ed Walsh

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    I don't want to be a killjoy but...

    I have studied and taught Luke to a small group from our church these past two years. And we are about to start chapter seven. You could say that I have studied Luke a bit.

    I don't know how to keep this from being discouraging except to rejoice that you know the truth and value of Jesus' death and resurrection even if the shepherds did not. The truth is always the best thing to know and believe.

    There were some stone mangers in history, but there is nothing at all in Luke 2:7 to indicate that Jesus was placed in one.
    Even if His manger was stone, there is no hint that the shepherds had a clue what that meant. Not even Jesus' disciples understood that He was the sacrifice for our sins--even after three years of Jesus' speaking to them about this truth. The disciples had to wait until after the Resurrection to fully understand the purpose of Jesus' death and resurrection.

    I don't like my own reply. It seems unfriendly and potentially discouraging. And, as I said, I do rejoice in your knowledge of Jesus as your sacrificing and loving Savor. But we need to rejoice in the truth.

  4. LilyG

    LilyG Puritan Board Freshman

    Thank you guys so much for your thoughtful responses. I really appreciate all the help I find here.

    And sorry for the delay!
  5. Eoghan

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    One of the things that stands out that although this is the turning point of history, Joseph and Mary have been left to their own devices and decisions. Now at Christ's birth it is not to them but a group of shepherds that the angels appear. It is as it were an independent witness to their child being the Messiah.
  6. LilyG

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    Yes! That must have been an encourgament to Mary and Joseph. It's also neat that the angels came to shepherds, lowly "nobodies," of no special social rank.

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