The Revitalization of Puritan Thought, Belief, and Works

Discussion in 'Puritan Literature' started by TheReppingRev, Sep 23, 2019.

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  1. TheReppingRev

    TheReppingRev Puritan Board Freshman

    As someone who has been reformed for several years now, but only very recently dived into Puritanism and the vast collection of associated works, I've noticed a few things.

    1. That Christendom seems to be suffering attacks internally rather than simply an external war. Denominations are imploding with social justice, refutation of Biblical Innerancy, acceptance of sin as righteousness and evil as good and much more.

    2. That Christendom broader is suffering from a seemingly "existentialism crisis", where things like the battle between orthodoxy and modernism/WoF movements are taking place.

    3. That within the circles of those that would label themselves Reformed, there is a pulling away from a liberalized perspective to a more foundational and rooted system, one of which can be found within the Puritans.

    4. Taking into consideration all of the above points, combined with the copious amount of work leading to the publishing of volume sand volumes of Puritan works, resources, commentaries, etc. It seems as though the church is looking to pull one of two ways, to deeper and more grounded faith, a practical faith like that of the Puritans; head, heart, and hands. Yet, the second choice seems to be a sweeping liberal acceptance philosophy and idealogical premise that Contradicts Scripture and foundational belief systems that are well established and just as applicable today as ever.

    Would it be wise to surmise that because of the cultural shifting we are experiencing within even reformed circles, that has infiltrated seemingly every facet of the church; that those looking to hold fast to Christ are awakening and looking to those who stood in similar places as we now stand. Though separated by particular conditions and time periods, it seems that the cry is the same. The Reformed church, can and must be, Reformed.
  2. KMK

    KMK Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry, is this a question? Are you asking why more people are reading the Puritans?

    First, I am not sure that they are.

    Second, because of the internet, Puritan books are more readily available than ever before.
  3. TheReppingRev

    TheReppingRev Puritan Board Freshman

    Yes, I am posing it as a question to be surmised and answered. It deffinitly appears that as opposed to a light glance and choice pickings of select Puritan publications. That as a whole the research of, publication of, reading of and enacting on a fisth that was both bold and wise.

    I posed this subject as a healthy parallel to the unhealthy path taken within many movements and denominations.

    And, if this was a good summarization of why it is seeming that the popularity of the Puritians has peeked over the last few years in comparison to before.

    Does that help clarify my question?
  4. py3ak

    py3ak They're stalling and plotting against me Staff Member

    I think you are probably on to something, Andrew. In times where new foes, both foreign and domestic, to Biblical faith are arising it's not surprising that the Lord would particularly remind his people of the old paths.
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