The Pope is Antichrist

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Saying all prophecies of Revelation had to have been fulfilled in the 1st century b/c of Rev 1: 9 doesnt fly. That's all I said. And you're welcome for the note on Henry.

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Easy. :mad:
Am I being accused of libel? How have I maliciously defamed your character? Tell me how I have offended you brother, so that I may repent.
I dont see preterism as heresy.

Of course I never meant to imply you dont believe in the future return of Christ, if that's what you're getting at (I thought we understood this proposition was universally held by everyone in the discussion, so qualifying my remarks would be unnecessary).

So when you said,

John tells us that the book is written to first century Christians.

I knew that meant only concerning those things pertinent to the Antichrist and such. Though perhaps to someone foreign to the PB they may be seen as more.

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Me too. Well, any way...

You've illustrated a good point, the arbitrariness of saying all Rev is for 1st century Xians, yet exempting the parts we both agree are yet to come. :bigsmile:
better to be arbitrary then to rip the book, which is profitable for the man of God, right out of the hands offirst century men of God.

Can't we just learn to share ;)

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Hey Robin,
I wanted to comment on your discussion of the Revelation's genre. The book itself claims to be a letter, a prophecy and a revelation. That means that the book falls under three major first century genres; epistolary, prophetic and apocalyptic. In regards to symbol this is crucial because it means that the symbols were meant to be understood. Typical apocalyptic literature was pseudonymous and intended to not be interpreted, but this is prophetic apocalypse written as a letter meaning to be read out loud to a congregation. At various times John tells the reader to understand or discern the symbols as well.

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, a n d A----M----E----N :sing:

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