The Perfect Church

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Puritan Board Doctor
People rarely recognize how greatly they expose their pride and self-righteousness by the things they say and do. Over the years, I have known a good many people who, finding fault with someone else, have left one local church and gone to another. When asked why, I have heard many say, “I can’t go to church with people like that….with people who believe that…with people who wear…” etc. Others can’t attend church here because we do or do not practice closed communion.

I have a few questions for all you good pompous religionists. Do you reckon the Lord Jesus knew Judas was a betrayer when he sat with him at the first communion service? Obviously, he did. Yet, he served the bread and wine to Judas and to Peter. Do you suppose there were any people in the local church at Corinth who had a problem with inebriation? Obviously, there were some. But Paul never suggested that faithful brethren should therefore abandon the assembly. Were there any in the Galatian church who had a problem with legalism? Indeed, there were. But none were taught that they should therefore abandon the church.

If you are looking for the perfect church, you’ve come to the wrong building. That’s the one down the road or across the country. This is a family of sinners saved by God’s free grace in Christ. We’ve come here to worship him, sing his praise, proclaim his goodness, hear from him, and help one another along the way. - Don Fortner


Puritan Board Freshman
Amen and well said. There will only ever be one perfect church, and I long for the day when we will all be there with Christ.
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