The PB Cola Wars

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by Theognome, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Coke

    36 vote(s)
  2. Pepsi

    12 vote(s)
  3. Dr. Pepper

    17 vote(s)
  4. Shasta

    0 vote(s)
  5. Mt. Dew

    8 vote(s)
  6. Mr. Pibb

    1 vote(s)
  7. RC Cola

    6 vote(s)
  8. Other

    16 vote(s)
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  1. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    So... for those of you who imbibe, which cola/pop/carbonated beverage is the one you choose?

  2. ServantofGod

    ServantofGod Puritan Board Junior

    What? No Surge!?


    GTMOPC Puritan Board Freshman

    Mountain Dew all the way. Next best thing to coffee for a caffeine boost! Tastes good too! I think MD is a southern thing though, much like Sweet Tea.

    <I hope Yvonne doesn't see this post, she won't be happy about my caffeine intake>
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2009
  4. nicnap

    nicnap Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Shasta? Do they still make that?
  5. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    For some unknown reason, yes. Perhaps it's somebody's tax writeoff or something...


    GTMOPC Puritan Board Freshman

    "RC Cola"

    I wasn't aware the Vatican had released its own brand of soda! Do they make limited edition cans with the Pope and the saints pictures on them? Or maybe commemorative cans with the Council of Trent plastered on the side!?
  7. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    I've heard that it was 'Royal Crown'- the crown of Christ. It signifies the Reformed understanding of His sovereign kingship.


    GTMOPC Puritan Board Freshman

    I was aware that RC meant "Royal Crown" I was just poking fun at the initials. Where did you hear that about it signifying Christ's kingship?
  9. Mushroom

    Mushroom Puritan Board Doctor

    As a former Pepsi route salesman, I have to say that..... Coke is better!
  10. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    The same place you heard about it referring to the Catholics, silly.

  11. SolaScriptura

    SolaScriptura Puritan Board Doctor

    Pepsi is clearly superior.
  12. Mushroom

    Mushroom Puritan Board Doctor

    Like clear Pepsi? :lol:

    What a joke that was! Millions spent to refit whole plants to make a flavored water nobody wanted. It required absolute spotless production conditions, which Pepsi never was too good at, and after all that it ended up going out-of-date on the shelves.

    But they were a pretty good company to work for.
  13. SolaScriptura

    SolaScriptura Puritan Board Doctor

    I think that Pepsi tastes better than Coke... but Coca Cola certainly has a much better business model.
  14. snap_dragon

    snap_dragon Puritan Board Freshman

    ...Dead Sodas

    At the reference desk, I actually had this question...Whatever happened to Blue Pepsi ... and found this interesting site...Dead Sodas

    I still think Coke now doesn't taste like Coke did before the New Coke/ Classic Coke switch....

    I sound addicted, don't I?
  15. MrMerlin777

    MrMerlin777 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    My brother and I used to drink this stuff. We called it "the Scourge".

    BTW: I prefer RC cola.
  16. Rich Koster

    Rich Koster Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Stewarts ginger beer.

    If unavailable Canada Dry or Schweppes ginger ale.

    Mr Pibb:barfy:
  17. E Nomine

    E Nomine Puritan Board Freshman

    I love generic, store-brand Seltzer Water.
  18. ww

    ww Puritan Board Senior

    Diet Pepsi, 8 Cans a Day. :bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::banana:
  19. WaywardNowHome

    WaywardNowHome Puritan Board Freshman

    Fresca. =]
  20. Athaleyah

    Athaleyah Puritan Board Sophomore

    Isn't Surge just something you used to buy when the store was out of Mountain Dew? :p
  21. Berean

    Berean Puritanboard Commissioner

    Coke back in the 50's and 60's was sweetened with cane sugar. Now it's "high fructose corn syrup". Yuck.
  22. ServantofGod

    ServantofGod Puritan Board Junior

    Down in Haiti it's still sweetened with cane sugar. Yum! If you can bear the heat, you should head down there for some real coke.
  23. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    There is Coke and then there are syrupy waters...
  24. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Amen, Brother!

  25. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

  26. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    If you do the research you'll find there is FAR less caffeine in MD than coffee.
  27. Rangerus

    Rangerus Puritan Board Junior

    As a former Coca Cola route salesman, I'd have to agree with you!!! :lol::lol::lol:
  28. Albatross

    Albatross Puritan Board Freshman

    I voted Dr. Pepper but Sunkist gets an honorable mention.
  29. Grace Alone

    Grace Alone Puritan Board Senior

    My husband drinks massive amounts of Fresca, but I drink Coke when I drink a soft drink.
  30. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

    Diet Coke. One to two litres per day.
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