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N.T. Law?

I'd appreciate some help in this area.

I've alwas heard that under the Mosaic law there were three categories of law. Moral, ceremonial, and civil.

The moral law, if I’m correct, has been around since the time of Adam, and it is what every man owes to God.

The Civil law, which governed Israel, and ceremonial law, which governed their worship were fulfilled in Christ.

Christ is both King and Priest, fulfilling these laws.

However, I can see a ‘law’ in the New Testament that might fit into these categories. For example; Christ is King, ruling over all creation, but we have been given a law (instructions) on how to appoint elders, administer church discipline, and evangelize. Thus we appear to have a governing (civil) law for members the Church.

Christ is also Priest, having personally atoned for our sins, and is fulfilling our need for an advocate. However, we also have the ordinances of communion, and water baptism, and instructions on how to worship properly. Thus a law governing our worship.

From what I can gather these three categories can be used to classify Biblical instruction for today, although they look somewhat different under Christ then they do Moses.

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