The incomprehensible pain of hell (Robert Rollock)

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The pain of Hell passes all measure. The Scripture for our capacity sets down a comprehensible pain to signify an incomprehensible pain. O, the incomprehensible pain of Hell! Always when thou seest a pain intolerable, think on Hell. And say, O Lord, this pain on me albeit it be in the flesh, it is exceeding sore: therefore, Lord save me from that exceeding pain in Hell.

Robert Rollock, Lectures upon the first and second Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians (Edinburgh: Robert Charteris, 1606), p. 240.

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I have quoted this before but here it is again. This Q & A shakes me to the very core.

From Fisher's Catechism, on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, sub-question 40 of the SC Q4., What is God?
On God's omnipresence.

Q. 40. How is he [God] present in hell?
A. In a way of tremendous power and justice, upholding the damned in their being,
that they may lie under the strokes of his vindictive wrath forevermore, Psalm 90:11; Matt. 25:46.


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shakes me to the very core.
I have similar feelings about this section from Thomas Watson:

Eternity is a sea without bottom and banks. After millions of years, there is not one minute in eternity wasted; and the damned must be ever burning, but never consuming, always dying, but never dead. “They shall seek death, but shall not find it” (Rev. 9:6)....
Yet, if at the end of all that time, the sinner might come out of hell, there would be some hope; but that word ‘Ever’ breaks the heart. “The smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.”
~T. Watson
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