The idolatry of making images of Christ

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This is the best (the only!) under two minute video that gives a succinct but not heavy theological argument on why we should not make images of Christ, or worse, use them in worship. Posted before but I try to post this when an illicet image crosses my facebook feed and few minutes ago a person posted about their worship service and the overhead was showing an image of Jesus. Since I posted it there I thought those not familiar with it would benefit from it here and to be able to use the youtube link. This was made freely available by Les Lanphere when he determined he did not have a place for it in his Spirit & Truth: a film about worship (which is a great introduction to Reformed worship views and the regulative principle of worship. I'll make a link to where it can be purchased in a later comment.
This was great! Thank you for sharing.

Here's a question I need help answering...I've had many discussions about this recently and sometimes get stuck. If the disciples (or anyone in Jesus day really) who actually saw Jesus in real time were to think about Him or create a "mental image" of Him, would they be given a "pass" because they saw him in the flesh? Our minds and ability to remember are imperfect.
The disciples would not be fabricating an image but remembering. That unique situation passed with that generation as well as whatever responsibility or difficulty. It is like the question about if cameras existed at the time. They didn't. Neither has a bearing on our obligations w.r.t. the second commandment.
One objection by a friend (after sending the video the other day to him) is that if preaching isn't perfect, would we not be creating false images?

My response was that is the reason why not many of us should be teachers. James 3:1 - I am not sure if this answer was satisfactory as I will continue discussing with him tonight. Anyone have thoughts on a better response to a question on imperfect preaching creating a false image of God in the mind?
The difference between preaching and images is one is commanded to be done and the other is explicitly forbidden. With study of the word a minister can be reasonably accurate with regard to preaching it, though the preacher remains a sinner without full and perfect understanding. There is nothing even close to analogous with an image of Christ; it is patently a false made up image with no pattern but one's fancy. Others I'm sure can give a better answer.
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