The glory of heaven!

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Puritanboard Commissioner
(Thomas Watson, "The Christian Soldier" 1669)

If the mountains were gold; if every sand in the sea
were a diamond; if the whole globe were a shining
gem—it would all still be infinitely beneath the glory
of heaven!

1. In heaven, there shall be freedom from sin. Here
on earth, sin keeps house with us; it is as natural for us
to sin—as to breathe. The soul that is most purified, and
cleansed by grace, is not without some dregs of corruption.
But a sinful thought shall not creep into heaven! There is
beauty—which is not stained with lust; and honor—which
is not swelled with pride. "Nothing impure will ever enter
it!" Revelation 21:27

2. In heaven, there shall be freedom from the assaults
of the red dragon. It is sad to have Satan daily soliciting
us by his temptations—and laboring to trick us into sin. But
the old serpent is forever cast out of the heavenly Paradise!

3. In heaven, there shall be freedom from all afflictions.
Our lives now are intertwined with troubles. "My life is consumed
by anguish, and my years by groaning; my strength fails because
of my affliction, and my bones grow weak." Psalm 31:10. There
are many things to occasion trouble—sometimes poverty afflicts;
sometimes sickness tortures; sometimes the unkindness of friends
breaks the heart. Our lives, like the seas, are full of tempests.
But in the kingdom of Heaven, there is nothing to give grief.
There, all is serene and calm; there is nothing within to trouble
us—or without to molest us.

4. The delights of the heavenly kingdom are unmixed. The
comforts here below, are checkered. Honor may be stained
with disgrace; joy interwoven with sorrow. Our suns are mixed
with clouds. But the delicacies of heaven are pure as well as
pleasant. There is honey—which has not one drop of gall. The
crystal spring of joy, has no settlings of sorrow at the bottom.
The rose in that paradise—is without prickles; the sun in that
horizon—is without eclipse.

This glorious kingdom, will make amends for all our labor and pains!
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