The glory of God in Jesus Christ

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John Owen has some uplifting thoughts:

Therein (in the person of Christ, LK), as so considered, is there a blessed representation made unto us of all the holy properties of the nature of God-of his wisdom, his power, his goodness, grace, and love, his righteousness, truth, and holiness, his mercy and patience...The glory of God's wisdom is exalted, and the pride of the imaginations of men is proportionably debased. And in these two consists the real foundation of all religion in our souls...Reason alone-especially as it is corrupted and depraved-can discern no glory in the representation of God by Christ...It is the knowledge of "God in Christ" alone that is effectually powerful to work the souls of men into a conformity unto him. Those alone who behold the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ are changed into the same image, from glory to glory" (volume 1 of his works, pp. 70,75,77, 79).​

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Thanks for posting this! It truly bookends my day as just this morning, catching up on my Calvin's Institutes: Reading Schedule 2019, so kindly provided by the Alliance, I read his thoughts on Heb. 1:3. After making certain of God's simplicity he says, "But because the Father, though distinguished by his own particular properties, has expressed himself wholly in the Son, he is said with perfect reason to have rendered his person manifest in him. And this aptly accords what is immediately added, that he is 'the brightness of his glory'." (Book I 13.2)
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