The futility of suicide (Thomas E. Peck)

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Whatever problems you face in life, suicide is not the answer to them:

What is suicide but a vain attempt to escape from this tyrannous activity? How senseless the hope that a bullet may extinguish the fire of hell within, or annihilate the soul itself which has begotten and nourished the dreadful progeny of thoughts and passions which torture it!

Thomas E. Peck, Briefs and Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles (1875) in Miscellanies of Rev. Thomas E. Peck, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Theology in the Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, ed. T. C. Johnson (3 vols, Richmond VA: The Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1895-97), 3: 248.

Amy Green

Puritan Board Freshman
So true. At the same time I had all these wonderful answers. But when I watchrd my friend slowly disappearing before me, who was going though major depression and schizophrenia, it became quite something else to me. After she committed suicide I just saw how suicide is ending it before it even had a chance to get better. - at least when you're alive you can have the chance to get better. But the hopelessness is something very challenging to deal with.


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When I think about my death, I always feel an urgent need to make sure I am ready to meet God, that I have peace with Him, and that I have peace with all people. In short, that nothing is left undone. Sadly suicide seems to leave much undone for the person taking their life.
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