The Doctrine of God

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Michael Doyle

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It seems I can be fairly certain this topic has been covered but am looking for a fresh discussion as I am beginning my Systematics II The Doctrine of God course.

My post is to gain a consensus of the most favored/ treasured/respected works on the Doctrine of God. I am in LAMP seminary and am using the WCF, Pinks the Attributes of God, Berkhofs Manuel of Christian doctrine, the Foundations theology proper course from Ligonier and JI Packers knowing God alongside Frames Doctrine of God. I am also listening to lectures from Covenant Seminary on God and His Word from Michael Williams

I am looking at introducing other texts into my research and have been reading Bavinck and Horton from his new work.

I appreciate the consideration and input as you all are a continual source of blessing and grace to me


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I don't know how much time you have to add things in, but I have found Augustine, Aquinas, Boethius, Goodwin, Owen, Turretin and Heppe's Reformed Dogmatics as well as Muller's PRRD all helpful in various ways. That sounds like a lot, but of course it helps to only read the sections on theology proper.
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