The Doctrine of Apostasy

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Justin Williams

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Hi Folks!

I would appreciate it if some of you could recommend Reformed books that deal with the doctrine of apostasy. :book2:

Particularly, ones that deal with Scripture passages such as Hebrews Chapters 6 & 10, 2 Peter Chapter 2, etc. As well it would be nice if the author disected the views of both Arminians and Lutherans as concerns their doctrines of apostasy.

Thanks! :)


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Hi Justin.

The case the Hebrews makes regarding apostasy is cumulative. You can't really understand the point that the author is making regarding falling away without passages that precede that talk about the rebellion of the Israelites for 40 years and the lesser to the greater analogies he draws about forsaking Christ. Hence, even Hebrews 1 is important as we understand who Christ is.

That all said, a good NT commentary is the Hendricksen commentary. I think he does an excellent job of developing the case and keeping the argument flowing as the author builds the case of Christ's excellence, the danger of rebellion, the promise of Abraham, the High Priesthood of Christ, etc. Whether or not there is a more definitive treatment, you will certainly be edified by his treatment of the material.


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What about . . .

Augustine, “On the Gift of Perseverance,” Post–Nicene Fathers, 1st series, vol. 5; G. C. Berkouwer, Faith and Perseverance (1958); J. Owen, The Doctrine of the Saints’ Perseverance: Works of John Owen, ed. W. Goold, vol. 11. McKim, D. K., & Wright, D. F. (1992). Encyclopedia of the Reformed faith (1st ed.) (276). Louisville, Ky.; Edinburgh: Westminster/John Knox Press; Saint Andrew Press.

I really appreciated R.C. Sproul's Chosen by God, chapter 8: "Can we know that we are saved?" Also his Grace Unknown, ch. 10.

Ch. 11, The Cross and Salvation, Demarest.
D. A. Carson, Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility (London, 1981)
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