"The Crown Rights of Christ" by John Angell James

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Matthew Willard Lankford

Puritan Board Freshman

"It was delightful to hear the Rev. J. Angell James thus expressing himself.-'How sweet is that word, "The crown rights of Christ!"'"

"The crown rights of Christ!" how sweet is the phrase
What Joy to the heart can this, lofty theme bring!
'Tis the bond to unite, in these perilous days;
'Tis the word to inscribe on the banner we raise,—
"The crown rights of Christ" our Redeemer and King

He is Head of his Church,—of nations the Head;
His declarative glory in each richly stor'd:
To reign over both, He suffered, He bled!
And now his own people by duty are led,
"The crown rights of Christ" to defend for their Lord.

In Church and In State Christ's sceptre shall sway;
A glad double message the angel-host sing,—
'Tis "Glory to God," In that Church-loyal day.
Good-will reigns on earth, when all men obey
"The crown rights of Christ" their Redeemer and King!

He is Lord of the earth,—of conscience the Lord,
While at his lov'd "name each creature shall bow;"
And one with the Father, as Scriptures record,
His saints joyful rest on that long-promis'd word:
"The crown rights of Christ" men yet shall allow.

The times are portentous, the battle seems nigh;
They bid us unite in harmonious accord:
May God give us grace, when we hear the war-cry.
To be faithful to Him, our great Captain on high;
And when He hath conquered, to share in the sky
"All the crown rights of Christ" our Redeemer and Lord!

—via The English Presbyterian messenger, p. 25
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