The Confessional Presbyterian v11 has arrived

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The tardy 2015 11th issue of The Confessional Presbyterian journal has arrived and will be going out to folks beginning tomorrow. Thanks to those who have ordered the issue. We got surprised by the recent (Jan 17) postal increase. We can weather it for the orders taken but I'm afraid the international rate will have to go up some; this is really ridiculous the price it is to send a book overseas. If you want to buy the issue or take advantage of the 2fer offer for 11 and 12 or the set of 2-12 (1 is out of print but available print on demand) see posts on the cpj facebook page.
All single issue orders for The Confessional Presbyterian v11 (our tardy 2015 issue) have gone to the post office and will get to work on multiples, set orders, and the gratis issues (for contributors) out asap over next couple of days. Thanks to all subscribers; we are lagging behind previous years so if you are waiting for the price to go up Feb 1.... Now would be a good time to order. ;) See links at the CPJ facebook page for quick ordering.
I have a tracking number for order of Vol 11-12. Now I can watch it wend its way from Dallas to the Snake River steppes.
Right--I knew that.

I was so excited looking at my order confirmation that I forgot that time travel hadn't been perfected.
Reminder that the price for v11 of The Confessional Presbyterian will rise from 20 to 25 for US addresses on Feb 1.
Extending USA individual pricing another week to get one last round of promotion out; end of next week USA rate rises from $20 to $25 for the 2015 issues just mailing out to folks. Also, we are losing money on international rates since the 1-17-16 postal increase so the international rate will rise significantly from $35 to at least $40 or $42 also after next week for all issues. I've always underwritten the international subscriptions to some degree but this hike was ridiculous. Get a copy of the 2015 at the reduced rates while you can. Also honoring the purchases of the forthcoming 2016 at the old rates for another week. What a deal! :)
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