The Believer's Sweet Pillow?

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Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor
From Spurgeon's sermon, "Israel at the Red Sea"

How sweet is 'providence' to a child of God,
when he can reflect upon it!

He can look out into this world, and say--
"However great my troubles, they are not so great as my
Father's power. However difficult may be my
circumstances, yet all things around me are working
together for good."

He who holds up yon unpillared arch of the starry
heavens, can also support my soul without a single
apparent prop.

He who guides the stars in the well-ordered courses,
even when they seem to move in hazy dances-
surely he can overrule my trials in such a way
that out of confusion he will bring order;
and from seeming evil, produce lasting good.

He who bridles the storm,
and puts the bit in the mouth of the tempest,
surely he can restrain my trial,
and keep my sorrows in subjection.

I need not fear while the lightnings are in his hands,
and the thunders sleep within his lips,
while the oceans gurgle from his fist,
and the clouds are in the hollow of his hands,
while the rivers are turned by his foot,
and while he digs the channels of the sea.

Surely he whose might gives wings to the angels,
can furnish a worm with strength.
He who guides a cherub will not be overcome
by the trials of an emmet like myself.

He who makes the most ponderous orb roll in dignity,
and keeps its predestined orbit,
can make a little atom like myself move in my proper
course, and conduct me as he pleases.

Christian! there is no sweeter pillow than providence!
And when providence seems adverse,
believe it still, and lay it under your head.
For depend upon it- there is comfort in its bosom.

There is hope for you, child of God!
The great trouble which is to come in your way
in your pilgrimage, is planned by love,
the same love which shall interpose as your protector.
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