The 2010 Soccer World Cup

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Does anyone here intend visiting South Africa for the World Cup next year?

This is an open invitation to those who might be visiting South Africa. There are at least two families in our church that are keen to have you over for a meal and some warm Christian fellowship, while you are here.

We stay reasonably close to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

You are of course also most welcome to join us at church for Worship while you are here: Reformed Church Rietvallei (English-speaking Reformed churches are very rare in South Africa, so it would be great to see visitors of a similar persuasion.)

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I went to the 2002 World Cup in Japan/Korea (Germany v. Ireland) and it was probably the biggest event I have ever been to, without a doubt.

In that World Cup it was first come, first serve for tickets. Though I am sure things will different in South Africa.


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Oh, this would be my husband's DREAM vacation! LOL! We are all big soccer lovers....we will be watching from here! LOL!

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I'll have to watch from the States, but what a lovely invitation and great opportunity for anyone who can go!


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After Saturday's great win at Hampden I suggested to the wife we go to South Africa for our holidays next year. After tonight I think we will give it a miss next year and give some other wee team a chance to win the World Cup.

Tonight it was a spirited performance against the Dutch. Hit the post, hit the bar, missed a couple of other good chances then an old aged pensioner slips up in defence and the Dutch score.

Then Northern Ireland slipped up too so in this part of the world if we thought it was all over before hand, it is now.
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