Thanksgiving menu items?

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Smoked turkey
Romaine+cherry tomato salad with a sherry mustard cream dressing
Cornbread stuffing
Twice baked potatoes
Baked sweet potatoes
"Deconstructed" non-traditional green bean casserole - where a portion of green beans is topped by the sauce, almonds and a bit of cheese, then broiled.
A frozen cream cheese and cranberry "salad" that's difficult to describe but is tasty.
Pumpkin custard with nutmeg and cinnamon whipped cream.


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Those jalapenos sound wonderful! I'll have to give them a try.

I was too busy cooking and eating yesterday to notice this thread. The main things different from what others have mention is that I brine our turkey, then baste it in the oven. My husband always wants a cauliflower/Parmesan puree, and we have to have lots of different pies (I made pumpkin, pecan, apple and cherry all in butter crusts). Then we have the pies from breakfast the next day.
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