Ten reasons why this is the best mp3 player for sermons

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After trying various mp3 players I am using the
Sony Walkman NWZ-B172
1. It does not require cables but attaches directly to the USB port
2. It does not need a battery but charges directly from the USB port
3. It has an auto resume feature so you can stop and come back to the same spot
Files can simply be dragged and dropped, no propriety software like apple
4. Up to 18 hours battery life
5. 2GB storage is more than enough for hours of sermons - and you can use it as a
thumb-drive for word documents etc...
6. It has a built in mic which can record sermons (or anything else) at a push
7. Quick charge means 3 mins charging gives 90 minutes play time
8. Comes with in-ear headphones
9. Has a Bass boost function (don't expect a graphic equaliser)
10. Should you mislabel a file you can listen to the first couple of seconds of everything using
what is called a "zappin" feature until you find it
11. Compact at 28g with a 1.2" LCD screen (original model came with a detachable clip)
12. Choice of colours originally black, now red or blue

The NWZB183 newer model has a 4GB capacity


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Why not just use your phone, like everyone else? ;)
I can think of one reason. You are in the middle of listening to something, and someone calls. Even with alerts off I get the interruption through the audio output.

Once I was driving and listening to continuing legal education over my phone through the bluetooth system. I was feeling pretty smug about the efficiency of it, until the calls started coming in. 15 calls in an hour made it crazy-making.


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Flight mode...

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Of course. But I don't do that because I forget to turn it back on. Plus, I do want to see missed calls--even if I don't want to answer them right away.

21st century tech-world problems, to be sure.

John Yap

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I do have a spare iphone that I use as my media player - older smart phones are useful in that it just needs WIFI connectivity to download and store songs / sermons. That also prolongs the battery life of your main phone as well.

Ryan Kiser

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If you have a USB port in your car, you can load .mp3 files on a thumb drive and play them that way.
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