Take Heart! Fight On.

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Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor
William Gurnall -- The Christian in Complete Armour

How uncomely a sight is it to see, a bold sinner

and a fearful saint, one resolved to be wicked,

and a Christian wavering in his holy course; to

see guilt put innocence to flight, and hell keep

the field, impudently braving it with displayed

banners of open profaneness; [to see] saints

hide their colours for shame, or run from them

for fear, who should rather wrap themselves in

them, and die upon the place, than thus betray

the glorious name of God, which is called upon

by them to the scorn of the uncircumcised. Take

heart therefore, O ye saints, and be strong; your

cause is good, God himself espouseth your

quarrel, who hath appointed you his own Son,

General of the field, called 'the Captain of our

salvation,' Heb. 2:10. He shall lead you on with

courage, and bring you off with honour. He lived

and died for you; he will live and die with you; for

mercy and tenderness to his soldiers, none like

him. Trajan, it is said, rent his clothes to bind up

his soldiers' wounds: Christ poured out his blood

as balm to heal his saints' wounds; tears off his

flesh to bind them up. For prowess, none to

compare with him: he never turned his head

from danger: no, not when hell's malice and

heaven's justice appeared in field against him;

knowing all that should come upon him, [he]

went forth and said, 'Whom seek ye?' John 18:4.

For success insuperable: he never lost battle

even when he lost his life: he won the field,

carrying the spoils thereof in the triumphant

chariot of his ascension, to heaven with him:

where he makes an open show of them to the

unspeakable joy of saints and angels. You

march in the midst of gallant spirits, your fellowsoldiers

every one the son of a Prince. Behold,

some, enduring with you here below a great

flight of afflictions and temptation, take heaven

by storm and force. Others you may see after

many assaults, repulses, and rallyings of their

faith and patience, got upon the walls of heaven,

conquerors, from whence they do, as it were,

look down, and call you, their fellow-brethren on

earth, to march up the hill after them, crying

aloud: 'Fall on, and the city is your own, as now

it is ours, who for a few days' conflict are now

crowned with heaven's glory.....


Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor
This way of God's dealing with his
saints adds to the fulness and stability of their
strength. Were the stock in our own hands, we
should soon prove broken merchants. God
knows we are but leaking vessels, when fullest
we could not hold it long; and therefore to make
all sure, he sets us under the streaming forth of
his strength, and a leaking vessel under a ****
gets what it loseth. Thus we have our leakage
supplied continually. This is the provision God
made for Israel in the wilderness: He clave the
rock, and the rock followed them. They had not
only a draught at present, but it ran in a stream
after them, so that you hear no more of their
complaints for water. This rock was Christ.
Every believer hath Christ at his back, following
him with strength as he goes, for every condition
and trial. One flower with the root is worth many
in a posie, which though sweet yet doth not
grow, but wither as we wear them in our

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