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Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor
Treasure for your soul

(Henry Law, "The Raven" 1869)

Blessed are those who find their constant
pleasure-ground in the luxuries of the Bible!

They commune with the mind of God.

They listen to a heavenly voice.

They bask in rays of purest light.

They feed in wholesome pastures of refreshment.

They fear no poison from the weeds of error.

No devious path can lead their steps astray.

Wisdom from above sweetly guides them.

The Spirit, the ultimate Teacher of His people,
instructs the students. They advance safely,
happily-from grace to grace.

The lessons are as vast as the mine from which
they spring. They are as pure as the realms to
which they call. They warn of sin-its filth, its
misery, its end. They unfold Jesus-in all the
glories of His redeeming love. They exhibit
holiness-as the only road to a holy heaven.

Reader, heed a salutary admonition. Study the
Bible, as holding treasure for your soul. Study
in the earnestness of prayer. Study with eternity
outspread before you. Study with the humility of
a poor sinner before a speaking God. Study with
faith devoutly grasping every word.

Do not close the volume without inquiring . . .
Is sin more hateful to me?
Is the world more worthless in my estimation?
Is the flesh more treacherous in my sight?
Is Jesus brought nearer to my adoring soul?
Is my heart won to more entire devotedness?
Am I more resolute to live for Him, who died for me?
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