ST 101 Books - Read any of these?

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This fall I'll be taking ST 101: Prolegomena to Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. I picked up the books for the class to start reading over, and I was wondering if anybody's read these. If you have, I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts you'd have on the literature.

  • Church Dogmatics Vol 1.1: The Doctrine of the Word of God by Karl Barth
  • Infallible Word: A Symposium by N.B. Stonehouse
  • Inspiration and Authority of the Bible by B.B. Warfield
  • Thy Word is Truth: Some Thoughts on the Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration by Edward J. Young
  • God's Word in Servant Form: Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck and the Doctrine of Scripture by Richard B. Gaffin
  • General Revelation by G.C. Berkouwer
  • Collected Writings of John Murray, Vol 1: Claims of the Truth by John Murray
  • Sufficiency of Scripture by Noel Weeks
  • Faith Seeking Understanding by Daniel L. Migliore
  • Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Study of the Faith by Hendrikus Berkof
  • Benjamin B. Warfield: Selected Shorter Writings

We won't be reading the whole of each volume above except for Gaffin and Young's books, so for some I can't say what parts in particular. Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to getting into this stuff. As I said, thoughts and book reviews are welcome!

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Week's The Sufficiency of Scripture is excellent. It deals with the so-called "controversial" subjects of Scripture (slavery, female roles, etc.) and shows how the Scriptures deal with these issues and refutes many of the "cultural" objections to the Bible.
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