Spurgeon: the goodness of the Trinity Received in Christ Jesus


Puritan Board Freshman
"You desire to have a communication established between you and God, and the Lord says, “Here am I coming to you, coming in a great river of blessedness; take of me; accept of what comes to you through Jesus Christ. Every drop of it has come from my throne, and is full of the love which is my essence.” Oh, poor sinner, do you see this? What a simple, what a safe, what a suitable way God has prepared to bring you into communion with himself! You are to be the receiver, and he the giver; he the everlasting source of all your supplies, and you simply the partaker of his benefits. Ask what God is, and the answer is, God is a river of goodness streaming down to men through the person of Jesus Christ."
-Rivers of Water in a Dry Place by Spurgeon.