Spurgeon in his sermon on The Love of Jesus

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"There is a tendency, however, on the other hand in certain quarters, to make doctrinal knowledge everything. I have seen, to my inexpressible grief, the doctrines of grace made a huge stone to be rolled at the mouth of the sepulchre of a dead Christ, and I have seen sound doctrine, so called, made as a very seal to seal in the dead Christ, lest by any means the energy of his grace should come out for the salvation of sinners."

"We must learn his love by keeping his commandments. You may sit in these pews and be preached to every Sabbath-day; you may hear God’s truth plainly and simply unfolded; but if you want to learn, and learn in such a way that you never will forget, it is the back-streets that must teach you, the lodging-houses, the haunts of poverty, and the dens of vice. If any man would know the love of Christ, let him go where Christ went, and to the place where a Saviour is needed; let him carry Christ’s light to give light to others, and it shall enlighten himself; let him go forth to water other men’s vineyards, and his own soul shall be watered also."
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Is this a quote from Spurgeon, or are you dialoguing on themes found within his sermon? It is not very clear.

If it is a quote, I would suggest formatting it as such and adding citations.
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