Spell check?

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I am an bad speller. I notice that the post will underline words when I misspell them. I have been stopping and looking them up to correct my mistakes, but, is there a internal dictionary that I can use while writing to correct my errors? How does it work? Thanks.

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Just right-click the underlined word and you should see a list of suggested words to replace it. Click your choice and it will replace the misspelled version. I know this because I use this feature so often. I praise God everyday for spell check. :)


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You should be able to go back over the word underlined in red, right click on it (left click if you are a left mouser) and see a list of suggested correct spelling options - then you just choose the one you want (provided it is in the list) and it will make the change for you.


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You should be seeing the red-underlined words and the right-click suggested words because you're using Firefox. FF has a built-in spellcheck. I don't believe you're seeing a PB board feature from vBadvanced CMPS v3.1.0
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