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I've been in Northern VA this week and decided to watch a movie this afternoon but wanted to wait to watch Ironman and Prince Caspian with my kids when I return from my business trip. I decided to watch Speed Racer.

My brothers and I used to enjoy watching this TV show when I was a boy. We used to enjoy making fun of it too with the really fast dialogue and Speed's constant "Oh!" whenever he was in trouble driving. We always thought is was funny that Speed and his family were too dumb to figure out that Racer X was really Speed's brother Rex Racer.

I didn't really expect a lot out of the movie except nostalgia.

I was blown away. It was so well done. The plot was really pretty good and you wanted to cheer for Speed at the end. The driving scenes were incredible and some of the scenes were hilarious. The kid that played Spridel was really funny and added some great moments. Spridel and Chim chim were always the annoying comic relief in the cartoon but the kid was really funny in this movie.

The directing of this movie was masterful too in the way they shot camera angles and made it really cartoon like. With all the bright colors and action, I'm certain my kids will love this movie and it's the kind of movie I could watch over and over again.

There really wasn't much objectionable material except for a scene in which one of the commentators utters an obscenity that is bleeped out. There is some blasphemy but it is not rampant.

Just watched it tonight with my family now that it has come out on DVD. Anyone with a pulse should be moved at least once or twice. It was actually a pretty good movie.

Has anyone else now rented it who hadn't initially seen it in the theater?
Btw, if you take a moment to skim through the closing credits you'll notice that there are about twenty times the number of folk working the special effects than any other section of cast or crew. The visuals were outstanding (if sometimes completely over the top - in good anime style).
I just got in trouble, guys. Based on the comments here my wife agreed to to allow us to watch it as a family without first screening it...

There's a few instances of swearing and multiple occasions in which the Lord's name is taken in vain.

Not much, I know. But I still got in trouble because my line to her was, "Look, honey, even those fuddy-duddies liked it, so it is probably totally lame... perfectly safe for our young brood."

Unfortunately, I won't be able to use that line again.
My apologies. At the time I wrote this a while back I didn't notice it but will watch for it in the future.
We recently rented it. I'm not very familiar with the story, but remember it vaguely. My son and I were riveted. I'm not big on movies; can't remember hardly anybody's name. But I found this quite entertaining, and really enjoyed the plot. It was kids' stuff all the way - probably why my 18 yr. old son and I couldn't peel away from it. My wife, however, left the room. She thought it was stupid and couldn't believe we watched the whole thing.
I want that car.
One of my kids' favorite scenes (along with the Ninja fight) is when Racer X does a 180 in front of the big rig, and opens up on the missiles with his mini guns while continuing the high speed chase in reverse :cool:

We did have to pre screen and edit out a few short sections though (such as the beat down that takes place right before the above mentioned scene with Racer X).

I think that we will end up buying it.
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