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Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor

**God allows us anything, but sin.

**If sin be in fashion, we must be out of fashion.

**A man shows himself to be a Christian,
when he chooses rather to suffer than sin.

**Sin digs graves for bodies, and kindles hell for souls.

**Should not we groan for that which makes the whole creation groan?

**If you are not purified you are not pardoned.

**A man can never leave sin thoroughly, until he loathes it heartily.

**There is no sin a man can be tempted to, but he will find greater comfort in resisting than in indulging.

**How can we say that we love Christ if we love sin, which was an enemy to His life and soul when He was on earth, and is the enemy to His glory now He is in heaven?

**Go to Golgotha and see what sin did there!

**Christ did not die for sin, that we might live in sin.

**Get this principle in your hearts– "There is
nothing gained by sin, nor lost by holiness."

**By suffering we may avoid sinning,
but by sinning we cannot avoid suffering.

**One that truly fears God is afraid of sin; he sees more evil in sin than in all the evil in the world.

**One that is sincere hates sin in himself, and laments it in others.

**Our hatred of sin must be irreconcilable; and our endeavors against it perpetual.

**The sins of the wicked anger Christ, the sins of His people grieve Him.

**Lack of sorrow for sin argues more a lack of love to Christ than the sin itself.

**Sin is a believer's burden and wound, but Christ is his cure and comfort.

**Sin is the sickness of the soul, and Christ
the only physician that can cure it of . . .
the leprosy of profanity,
the fever of lust,
the cancer of covetousness,
the parade of pride,
the lethargy of lukewarmness,
the madness of passion, and
the palsy of unbelief.

**Hatred is heart-murder;
lust is heart-adultery;
covetousness is heart-stealing.

**How tender is our flesh! how hard our hearts!
How much more aware are we of suffering than of sin!

**We should fear to think that before God which we are afraid to do before man; for God knows our hearts better than any man knows our faces.

**Vain thoughts are sin's advocates and Christ's adversaries.

**God is so holy that He would not allow such an evil as sin;
but He is so wise, that He can bring good out of it.

JOHN MASON 1646-1694
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