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    Dear Friends,

    For those who are currently members of the The PuritanBoard (, you must have a "signature" in your profile that includes the following items:

    Name and Title
    Ministry Position (if you are an elder or pastor)
    Name of Home Church (include denomination or affiliation) you are a member of or serve in
    Home City and State

    A signature would look like this:

    Rev. Dr. William Perkins
    Pastor/Theologian, Westminster Abbey (England)
    London, England

    Or if you are a student, you could do the following:

    Archibald Alexander
    First Presbyterian Church, PCA (Nyack, NJ)
    Princeton College, student, Princeton, NJ

    Also, make sure that in your profile the radio button for "Attach Signature to all posts" is set to "YES"

    This requirement is necessary so that the Admins (and other members) can know who you are as a poster on the Board. Screen names are great, but they are confusing and we would like to have the proper information on each member. After all, we are trying to foster a community of Christians who encourage, pray for and help each other.

    In the event that you do not have a signature, you will be contacted by a Moderator. If there is a problem, please contact a Moderator or Admin. Repeated failure to comply will result in suspension of posting privileges

    If you are unsure about the signature requirements, or have specific privacy concerns, please contact an Administrator of the Board.

    In order to cut down on disk space, bandwith usage, and to reduce the size of threads, Board members should limit the size of their signatures. Signatures must:

    1. Be no more than 10 lines of text or the equivalent if a picture is included (not including Admin/Mod board links)

    2. Contain appropriate material, for example: Scripture quotes, edifying theological quotes, other proper personal comments and links to reformed and personal websites. It is inappropriate for signatures to contain inflammatory comments, insults, offensive language, etc.

    3. Signatures will not have any political or inappropriate statements or links to like websites.

    Ultimate decision on the appropriateness of statements and links will be determined by the Admins. Violation of the signature requirements can result in suspension of posting privileges and ultimately being banned.

    An example of an appropriate signature would be:

    ALSO, please note that each member of Puritan board must have a bio. Before you will be permitted to register, a brief biography should be submitted to the Administrators using the registration form. This does not need to be your life story, but it should include enough information to allow the Administrators to make a registration determination. Relevant material would be your church affiliation, your Confessional adherence, and anything else that would be helpful. Sadly, in this day of the internet, there are a good deal of people who register for boards merely to advertise (spam) and who often spread material that is inappropriate for Christians. The bio information is one way of helping the Board combat this - so that the Board will be a better place for everyone, including new registrants!

    Thanks so much,
    In Him,
    The Admins
    (Matthew and Scott)
    3-27-06 (updated)

    [Edited on 3-27-2006 by C. Matthew McMahon]
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