Signature - can't find how to change it - new board software?

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I can't find out how to change my signature and none of the threads started by people like me (e.g. Eoghan who I lived about 80 miles from, in 2013) seem to refer to links in the CURRENT PuritanBoard.
Click on your member name which is next to the mail envelope. A box should drop down. Click on signature and a page will come up to edit it.
View media item 44Signature is not shown in either of those places for me. I can see it when I click on "Your Profile Page" and then the "Information" tab, but I cannot edit it from there.
We may need additional help from Rich or Patrick. I note you only have 10 posts; that wouldn't have been a factor on the old board so I don't know why it would here.
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