Should women be deacons?

Discussion in 'Church Office' started by Herald, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Is this the slippery road that leads to having women as pastors and elders? Someone told me yesterday that the PCA is heading down this path, that they are beginning to ordain women as deacons.

    Would you mind if I made a poll out this question? My pastor and I have discussed this and we're on the opposite side of the fence. It should be a good discussion.

    There was a very good discussion started on this recently.

    I would like to see the discussion continued.

    Make it a poll if you like

    It's not a slippery slope to women as pastors, I know that. The ARP has had women deacons for, well, I have no idea how long, but there's absolutely no talk of female pastors in the works, and I have no reason to believe there ever will be.

    I am inclinded to say they shouldn't be, but don't expect a learned answer backing that up. I havn't studied up on it a ton, or even a lot.

    Brian Schwertley, A Historical and Biblical Examination of Women Deacons:

    Let me pose a question at this point. Does the office of Deacon (Servant) possess any authority that would be construed as a position over others in the congregation? If not, then why is it a position? If so, then how does the authoritative position render power over others?

    If women are not to be in positions of authority over men, is this authoritative position defined differently so that it in no way renders a female in authority over men?

    Just so I can lay my cards on the table for the benefit of everyone..... I'm against it. No deaconesses in the church as it pertains to an ordained office in the Church. This is not to say I don't believe women aren't considered servants of the church as Lydia was.
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