Sermons of July 12th, 2009

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Puritan Board Sophomore
Wow, our pastor (Dr. Allen Curry) preached two powerful sermons today. In the morning worship his sermon was entitled "Idolatry" and obviously, on the 2nd Commandment.

In the evening worship, we got to hear one of the finest sermons, if not the finest sermon, I have ever heard on repentance, and entitled "Heart Rending". The sermon text was from Joel 2. I'm open to other suggestions on the topic and hope this message ministers to you as well.

The audio links may be found at "Pilgrim Audio - July 2009" and I do hope you get a chance to listen.

What were you treated to in your worship?


Puritan Board Doctor
This evening I preached on Mark 1:1-5, What is the Gospel & who is the Christ?


Puritan Board Senior
I was preaching on Eph 2.10, "For we are His Workmanship" this morning. On our way to church I realised my bible and sermon notes were still on the kitchen table and had to return. When I got to church I discovered I'd left my watch behind and midway through the first half of the service the secretary drew my attention to the fact I had forgotten to announce the offering.


Puritan Board Senior
We continued our series on the life of David, with one of our assistant pastors delivering a sermon on I Samuel 18 and 20 (relationship of Jonathan and David), focusing on the characteristics of Godly friendship:

I. Friendship should be selfless - Jonathan had more regard for David than he had for himself, risking his relationship with his father and even his life out of loyalty to David. In a very self-centered culture, this makes true, genuine friendship difficult to achieve.
II. Friendship should be unconditional - we shouldn't choose friends based on what we gain from the relationship: it shouldn't be a transaction. Rather friendship should be based on our love for another person - similar to a marriage relationship.
III. Friendship should be confrontational - failure to confront someone when they are wrong is a failure to love them adequately. We should be as concerned with their character as their contentment.
IV. Friendship should be willful - it takes effort and intent to maintain a friendship.

Christ is the ultimate friend in that He displayed all of these characteristics on the cross. Our first priority in life must be our relationship and "friendship" with God. Regardless of how bad a friend we are to Him, He will always desire a relationship with His people.
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