Sermons in Bahasa Indonesia

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Frank O. Fuentes

Puritan Board Freshman
Hello! Does anyone know where I can find online sermons (audio) in the Indonesian language? My mother in law listens to a lot of preachers in her native language, but they are all Arminian & from what my wife tells me not very good at all. I would gladly appreciate any links or resources for this. God bless!


Ordinary Guy (TM)
Hello Frank,

Where does your mother-in-law live? What language and people is she from? Javanese, Sundanese?

Here are some solid bahasa resources from Heartcry:!sid=1121

And here is a link to sermons from Pastor Stephen Tong, a very solid Reformed man in Jakarta:

A whole list of other sermons:

Here are the creeds and confessions in bahasa:

The Larger Catechism:

The WCF in both bahasa and English:

Apostle's Creed:

Nicean Creed:

If you'd like someone to personally counsel or visit your mother-in-law, PM me and we will arrange it to bless her.
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