Sermons for this Lord's Day 1/03/2010

Discussion in 'Meditating on the Preached Word' started by Semper Fidelis, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Semper Fidelis

    Semper Fidelis 2 Timothy 2:24-25 Staff Member

  2. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    We heard an excellent sermon on Eph 1:2-14...
  3. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    Nice! That was our Sunday School portion. Today's sermon was on discipline (Hebrews 12). Pastor drew a remarkable contrast between the judgment of the unregenerate and the discipline of God's children.
  4. dannyhyde

    dannyhyde Puritan Board Sophomore

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  5. KMK

    KMK Moderator Staff Member

    Fighting the Wrong Battles

    Luke 9:49,50

    I. Who is our enemy?
    II. Who is our ally?
    III. Who are we?
  6. Curt

    Curt Puritan Board Graduate

    Snowed out!
  7. N. Eshelman

    N. Eshelman Puritan Board Senior

    AM: Paul's Heart Desire
    Romans 10

    Paul desires to see his kinsmen according to the flesh saved. He gives three reasons why they have not embraced the Gospel of Christ:
    1. Misdirected Zeal
    2. Misdirected Righteousness
    3. Misdirected Obedience

    PM: Vision for Our Labors 1: Why We Need Vision
    Proverbs 29:18

    1. Vision Based on God's Word (prophetic vision)
    2. Vision's Corporate Aspect (gives biblical focus)
    3. Vision's Goals (obedience to God's Word)

    Both are here: - Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church
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