Sermons for the Lord's Day 2/28/2010

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  1. fredtgreco

    fredtgreco Vanilla Westminsterian Staff Member

    I preached my final sermon in the book of Daniel this morning:

    "The God of the Waiting Time" (Daniel 12:5-13)

    I. Be Patient
    A. Through Trials
    B. Through Uncertainty

    II. Be Wise
    A. Understanding God’s Judgment
    B. Understanding God’s Purpose

    III. Be Faithful
    A. Living in Light of the End
    B. Looking to the End

    Questions for Lunch: (1) Is patience in trials difficult for you? How can you best be encouraged? (2)Why is it so critical for us to think about God’s final plan in living in the “here and now”? (3)How can you help others around you to “be wise” and understand the true reality of the world?

    Next week I start a four part series on Spiritual Disciplines, and after that, Acts.
  2. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    1 Peter 4:12-19 -- "The Fiery Ordeal"

    I structured the sermon around 3 main themes of the passage: suffering, blessing, and judgment.
  3. KMK

    KMK Moderator Staff Member

    The Lord’s Prayer, Part I

    (It’s Not What You Pray, It’s How You Pray)

    Luke 11:1-13

    I. Mankind does not innately know how to pray.
    II. Right prayer requires a right relationship with God.
    III. Once we have that right relationship with God through Christ we can learn from God’s own Word how to pray.
  4. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    We heard a *delicate* sermon on Hebrews 13:4 about not defiling the marriage bed and keeping from sexual immorality. Not the easiest to preach on with lots of little ones present. Pastor did a wonderful job.
  5. tcalbrecht

    tcalbrecht Puritan Board Junior

  6. Herald

    Herald Moderator Staff Member

    Not so much preaching, but I started a Sunday school series on the Gospel of John this morning. After two years in the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession I was ready to tackle another project. I'm please to be able to do a bit of heaving lifting; exegeting John's Gospel. Today was the introduction, background, theme, and outline. Next week starts the prologue and the introduction of the logos Christology.
  7. Curt

    Curt Puritan Board Graduate

    Hebrews 12:25-29. 46th installment in our Hebrews series.

    "Acceptable Worship"

    I. The Voice is that of Jesus
    II. The Message is Repentance
    III. The Proper Response is Acceptable Worship
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