Sermons for the Lord's Day (11/15)

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Today I preached my four sermon in the series on the book of Daniel.

"The God of Empires" (Daniel 2:31-49)

I. The Image of Nebuchadnezzar
A. The Reason for the Dream
B. The Kingdom of Men

II. The Rock of God
A. An Unshakable Kingdom
B. An Unstoppable Kingdom

III. Responding to the Kingdom
A. The World’s Response
B. The Believer’s Response

Questions for Lunch: (1) Would you like to know the future? Why? What would change about you if you did? (2) How does this dream of a long dead king affect your life? (3) How does this passage especially help us to understand and explain the meaning of Christmas?
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Positive commands in the 4th Commandment, that one works 6 days a week, and one's "secular" calling is just as important as any other calling, including homemaker.
Preaching: The Loving Gift of Christ to His Sheep
Luke 9:1-6

I. Jesus equips the preacher
II. Jesus sends the preacher
III. Jesus sustains the preacher
IV. Jesus does so out of love for His sheep

(Not as well received as a sermon about the importance of the 'Homemaker' vocation, I'm sure. :lol: )
Today I preached on

AM - Mark 6.7-31 focusing on how Herod was ruled by his sin, asking what it is that controls us, showing how far we can go in religion without true conversion.

PM - Psalm 133 & John 13.34-35 'The Loving Church'
We started a new series in the James today. Sermon was baed on James 1:1-18, titled "Society of Suffering."

I. What trials are - trials are ways of defining true faith - literal Greek term is refinement by fire. Christians should expect trials throughout our lives.

II. How we make it through
A. New Perspective - trials should be considered positive things because
they are ways God helps turn us to gold, so to speak. Paul had a
massive impact for the Gospel - perhaps greater than anyone - and he
was able to do so because the thorn in his flesh and other trials
kept him grounded and dependent on God.
B. Disciplines
1. Constantly find footholds like a mountain climber - prayer for wisdom
2. Make Christ the anchor of our souls. When we turn to other "gods" in
the midst of trials, they only leads to sin.

III. Who walks through trials with us - we are told to stand fast in trials, and
can do so because Christ stood fast for us on the cross. We can have the
confidence that there will always be an end to suffering - either in this life
or the next - because Christ made an end to eternal suffering for the
believer when He paid the price for sin on the cross.
Pastor preached from Hebrews 10:11-18, including a discourse on verse 13 "waiting from that time until his enemies should be made a footstool for his feet" from which he extrapolated perspectives of postmil vs amil. :stirpot:
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