Sermons 07/10/2016

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The morning sermon was delivered by a visiting minister, the OPC's missionary to Haiti, Ben Hopp. It was a privilege to hear a sermon from him about the grace of God from the book of Hosea. It was an introductory sermon from the first chapter and consisted of what you'd expect, and it was very helpful to my soul.

I really liked the evening sermon as well which was from our own pastor. It was on Jesus healing the woman's infirmity on the Sabbath in Luke 13. I like how he pointed out how Christ said she "ought" to be healed at such a time, from which he drew that the Sabbath is an appropriate time for mercy.


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This morning I continued my series through Mark, preaching 5.1-20 (the Gerasene demoniac). I was particularly struck by how Jesus crossed racial boundaries and restored this man's dignity.


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I heard a sermon from 1 Peter 2:7 on the preciousness of Christ. The preciousness of Christ to God and to the believer was particularly highlighted. This led to discussion of the Father's love for the Son, and the believer's sufficiency in Christ.

It is the sort of topic that in a sense would be quite straightforward to expand upon. Christ is precious in his person; in each of his two natures; in his work; in the benefits he confers; in the hope he extends. And all wonderfully true!
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