Sermons 07/03/2016

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Hi there,

If you'd like to post about today's sermon(s), please do.

I'll try to post about my church's later this evening.

Bill The Baptist

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I continued my series through our confession of faith with a second sermon on the doctrine of God. I focused God's holiness manifested in his righteous judgment of sinners with Genesis 18 as my main text.


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One of the associate pastors continuing the series from Hebrews 11 with vs 8-10 and 13-18, and drawing from Acts 7:2-6 and Col 3:1-4.


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I preached from Mk 4.35-41, Jesus is Lord Over Creation. As long as I've been in ministry, I'd never preached that text before today. It was a lot of fun to preach a text which so highly exalts the sovereignty of Christ.


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I heard a very properly impassioned sermon from Matthew 16:13-20 on the confession of Christ. Then in the afternoon there was a very timely sermon on unity for the sake of the gospel from Galatians 2:1-10.
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