September Blow Out Book Sale $137 worth books for $50

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Durham’s 700 pages on Isaiah 53 retails for $45; act now and pick up the other three books for only $5 more

I already have the Durham titles but does this mean I could get the Dabney title for $1.67? :lol:


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Thank you for the heads up. I ordered mine today. I always find that book recommendation's from the PB are helpful to me.

I have a question I never heard of James Durham and looked him up on LibraryThing and found some listings and checked if I would like his books, it came up that I would not like his book's.

Any one else on LibraryThing ever experience this and find that they did not like the book.

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Many thanks to Chris for his service to Christ's Church with these publications! And many thanks to my wonderful, beautiful wife for giving them to me as birthday presents! Isn't "she gives her husband many fine tomes" part of Proverbs 31? :p

I can't say enough good about Napthali Press. These volumes are handsomely bound, easy on the eyes to read, and the editing is superb. Moreover, you have picked gems. It is a sad commentary on the contemporary state of the English-speaking church that some of these volumes have been out of print for hundreds of years.


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Mine just came this morning. Thanks Chris. I hope that others take advantage of this incredible deal . . . four quality hardbacks with one thick as a phone book . . . great deal.
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