Seminaries: Have I missed any?

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The PCA Historical Center will be sponsoring the G. Aiken Taylor award this year, with a cash prize for the best paper on some aspect of American Presbyterian history. Any seminary student who is a member in good standing of any of the NAPARC denominations may enter this essay contest.

My question to pick the brain of the hive mind : Did my list miss any of the seminaries?

The NAPARC Member Churches are:
The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC)
The Canadian Reformed Churches (CanRC)
The Reformed Church of Quebec (ERQ)
The Free Reformed Churches of North America (FRCNA)
The Heritage Reformed Congregations (HRC)
The Korean American Presbyterian Church (KAPC)
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)
The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
The Presbyterian Reformed Church (PresRC)
The Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS)
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA)
The United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA)

And the seminaries where NAPARC students do attend, or might be attending, include:
Birmingham Theological Seminary
Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary
Erskine Theological Seminary
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston Campus
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte Campus
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Jacksonville Campus
Heidelberg Theological Seminary
Mid-America Reformed Seminary
Northwest Theological Seminary
Princeton Theological Seminary (there are a few NAPARC students here, from time to time)
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
RTS Atlanta
RTS Jackson
RTS Charlotte
RTS Washington DC
RTS Memphis
RTS Orlando
RTS Houston
Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas campus
Redeemer Theological Seminary, Austin campus
Redeemer Theological Seminary, Houston campus
Western Reformed Seminary
Westminster Theological Seminary
Westminster Seminary California

Your assistance in perfecting this contact list would be appreciated.


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Well if you are going to include Gordon-Conwell and Princeton, you might as well include TEDS, Calvin, and Regent.

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City Seminary of Sacramento
Geneva Reformed Theological Seminary
New Geneva Theological Seminary
Sangre de Cristo Seminary


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Thank you, Bryan and Wes.

Surely that must be all, right? Any others?

[And as an aside, how can so many remain viable?]


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That is of course my stipulation. It has to be a school which at least might have some students from one of the NAPARC churches.

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Geneva Reformed Theological Seminary
Are you sure they're an NAPARC seminary? I didn't think we were affiliated. The FPCNA doesn't come up in the NAPARC directory.

That is of course my stipulation. It has to be a school which at least might have some students from one of the NAPARC churches.

The FPCNA is not a part of NAPARC, but it is my understanding that there is some cross-pollination. The former President of Geneva Reformed is now the academic dean at Puritan Reformed. Geneva Reformed is a very small seminary, so I'm not sure what the current student body makeup is. I mentioned it primarily because it is a part of the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS) which is composed of schools which tend to serve NAPARC students.
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