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Any thoughts on this comment by Cotton Mather from his preface to the Psalterium Americanum (1718)?

The Word, SELAH, Ever now and then occurs in the PSALMS. And now allow me to propofe, every SELAH, as an Invitation for thee to make a paufe, upon the Magnificence of thy SAVIOUR. I will not here make a long Recital, of the various, and very many Interpretations, which the Criticks have left that Word in the dark withal. It fhall be enough to fay, That in the large, Thefaurus Philologico-Theologicus lately Publlifhed, there is a Differtation upon that Word, which would perfwade us, That SELAH is a proper Name of the Bleffed GOD our SAVIOUR, and that it fignifies, The Magnificent One, or, One that is exalted on high. The Word muft not be too much feparated from the reft of the Difcourfe, but it is to be look'd upon as a part of it. It belongs to the Period, and is to be rendred, fometimes in the Nominative, fometimes in the Genitive Cafe, and fometimes in other Cafes; but moft commonly in the Vocative. Chriftian, In the PSALMS every where think on thy SAVIOUR. And if a SELAH ftop thee, think, before thou go on, O my SAVIOUR, How Magnificent art thou! -- Indeed, fuch is the Fellowfhip ever between our SAVIOUR and His People, that the condition of the One in the PSALMS will not forbid, but invite us to confider the condition of the Other. And therefore, what is now propounded, about a Contemplation of our SAVIOUR, to be a principal ftroke of our Devotions in Singing of the PSALMS, will not fuperfede the Entertainments which are to be joined with it.


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I was listening to J. Vernon McGee on time and he said that selah could me - "think of that, now think of this." Or "there is that, now think of this."

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