Seeking permission to reply to a "Wading Pool" thread

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Puritan Board Freshman
The rules of the "Wading Pool" read:
Any registered user may post a question in the Wading Pool but only elders and a few others with special permissions are permitted to reply to questions posed to ensure mature and confessional responses. If you believe you ought to be permitted to reply then please request permissions through one of the Administrators.
which I think is great. Now, concerning the bolded section, three questions:

1. Does this mean I need to be an elder or in another postion of authority to "believe ought to be permitted to reply"?

2. Or, can I seek permission if I have a specific question - about a specific line of answers - to the elders answering on the thread (and this a well thought out question which can make for interesting and edifying further conversation into the subject of LBCF Standards and the New Covenant vice WCF Standards and the New Covenant)? <---- this is the case and cause for my questions on this thread.

3. Finally, how do I ask? Private message to an Administrator? Is there a button I don't know about in the "Wading Pool"?

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.