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Since there is a strong Scottish Presbyterian flavor to this board, I want to introduce you to the town in which I was born and raised, Kearny, New Jersey. Kearny is named after the famed Union General, Philip Kearny, who died at the battle of Ox Hill in Chantilly, VA. At the turn of the 20th Century, Kearny started to develop a strong Scottish flavor, mostly do to the O.N.T. Clark Thread Company that moved from Paisely, Scotland to the United States. Hundreds of families immigrated to Kearny from Paisely. The immigration of Scots never stopped. Even to this day Scots arrive in Kearny from the Glasgow-Paisely area. When I grew up it was quite common to hear a strong Scottish accent while walking around town.

Because of Scottish immigration soccer became a popular sport. Kearny High School has won numerous state championships and is most famous for having three of it's sons play on 1994 FIFA World Cup Team: John Harkes, Tab Ramos and Tony Meola.

Kearny Fish and Chips are famous. The two mostly popular eateries are the Argyle and the Thistle. Lines around the block are common on Friday and Saturday evenings. Stewarts of Kearny has a full Scottish bakery, butcher shop and dry goods from Scotland and England. They have a thriving mail order business.

The HBO Series, "The Sopranos" was regularly filmed in Kearny.

Alex Webster, former NY Giant great, was from Kearny.

Knox Presbyterian Church of Kearny was well known in town. Most of the Scots attended there.

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