Satan's herd of swine

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    (William Secker, "The Consistent Christian")

    "You shall not follow a multitude—to do evil."
    Exodus 23:2

    The generality of people—are like dead fish,
    which float down the stream, wherever it runs.

    The 'voice of the people'—is often the voice
    of the devil.

    Satan's herd of swine—is larger than Christ's
    flock of sheep! Let them be ever so mighty—we
    are not to fear them. Let them be ever so many
    —we are not to follow them.

    If we will not have the people of the world to be
    our leaders—we shall be sure to have them as our
    troublers. If they cannot seduce us into their evil
    ways—they will oppose us in our holy ways. If they
    cannot scorch us with their fire—they will try to
    blacken us with their smoke. They will speak evil
    of us—because we do not run into the same excess
    of evil with them. Because we refuse to play the
    fool with them—they will say that we are mad.

    "Though the people of Israel are as numerous
    as the sand on the seashore—only the remnant
    will be saved." Romans 9:27. The whole piece
    belongs to the Devil—but God cuts off a remnant
    for Himself!

    The trees of righteousness are thinly
    planted—in the world's orchard.

    There are many wicked sinners
    —to one godly man!

    Pebbles lie abundant in the streets
    —but pearls are rare to find.

    Sinners are certainly the greatest company
    —but they are also the worst company.

    Remember, the multitude of people, are like the
    droves of cattle—which go to the slaughter!

    Those who follow after others in sinning—will
    be sure to follow them in suffering! Alas, the
    largeness of the multitude, will not extinguish
    the fierceness of the flame! The great number
    of those immortal faggots—will but intensify
    the fury of the eternal fire!
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