Samuel Rutherford, on John 12:27

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    The fourth part of this complaint is an answer that faith makes to Christ's question, What shall I say? What shall I do? Say praying-wise (faith says) Father, save me from this hour. We often dream that in trouble help is beyond sea, and far off, as far as heaven is from the earth, when help is at our elbow: and if the Spirit of adoption be within, the prisoner has the key of his own jail within, in his own hand. God was in Christ’s bosom when He was in a stormy sea, and the light of faith saith, Behold, the shore at hand. Death takes feet and power of motion from a man; but, Psalm 23:4, yet faith makes a supposition, that David may walk and live, breathe in the grave, in the valley of the shadow of death…. And to come to Christ; His soul was troubled; He was at, What shall I say? in a great perplexity. Yet He has a strong faith, both of His Father, and of His own condition. He believed God to be His Father, and calls Him Father. Yea, in this hell, He applies the relation of a Father to Himself, Matthew 26:39. O my Father; this is the warmest love-thought of God: and when His comfort was ebbed, His confidence in the covenant strongest; My God, my God, etc.

    Samuel Rutherford, Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himself (1647), page 67; (1803), page 76.
    Credit: Posted to the FaceBook group, Studying Samuel Rutherford.
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    Rutherford writes like no other. Beautiful.
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