Samuel Rutherford on God as the fountain of all being

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    God calleth himself to Moses, I am, and, I am that I am, as the fountain of being, and being by nature, and the alone infinite, only wise, happy being, as all Scriptures clear, Creatures, even Angels are in their essence, but time-dependencies, created results of God, Lame-nothings, frothy yesterday start-ups, poor time-accidents, branches budding out of mere mother-nothing, by the alone will and goodness of God, there was folly found in these Sons of the morning, the head-pieces and master-creatures, the Angels, Job 40.18, 19. …

    [N]othing is a being of itself, by heritage, essentially, and without dependence on another, as its father, cause, Author, Creator, but God; and nothing lives, worketh, doth good, independently, infinitely, immutably, from and of itself, but God only. And all Creatures, Angels, and Men, are but borrowed beings, beings by adoption, gift, loan, and little shadows, remaining shadows, by the essence, goodness, and free pleasure of God. ...

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