Rush, Arminians?

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I didn't know Rush were Arminians. Coming from Canada I thought there was a chance of some reformed theology. Just kidding, but I have never seen talent like this in a band. Especially the breakdown around four minutes.


Bill The Baptist

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No doubt they are fine musicians, but I’ve never enjoyed their music. Too mechanical and the singer’s voice is like nails on a blackboard to me.


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They are very good live too but Geddy struggles with the high stuff now. I don't blame him at his age and after all the shows. He plays bass, sings, and then messes around on the keyboard as well as operating other sounds via foot pedal.

Rush is a "musicians' band" and isn't afraid to experiment. They've been incredibly influential, especially in the progressive music end of the spectrum. For three guys, they put out a lot of sound.

I remember reading somewhere I think it was Neil Peart (who wrote the lyrics to that song) who was greatly influenced by Ayn Rand. Definitely an atheistic and self-determinative worldview.
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