RPCNA church plant in Boise, Idaho coming...

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Hello PBs...I'm not frequent here at all, but I thought some might be interested to know of a church plant being explored in the Boise area. My husband, Ryan, pastors the RPCNA congregation in Seattle and after 11 years, he as a pastor first of all, and we as a family of 7 in eager support, are sensing a clear call to move our family to Idaho this coming spring and begin a work, with the blessing and support of the Session here in Seattle. Pray for core families to be provided by God, as well as an opportunity to establish a psalm-singing congregation in an area ripe for such a church. We will be happy to enjoy fellowship with the URC congregations there and the Reformation network. Ryan and I have a great love for Christ's church in the RPCNA and long for Him to raise up a group who loves the preached Word, the Lord's Day, the singing of psalms and the need for a supportive and involved church family in each other's lives. Pray for us, and join if you've ever wanted to move to Boise! For cost reasons, we would aim to live and plant just outside Boise to the west.


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Good to hear of solid reformed witness in the Northwest.

Most of the PBers that I've met in person have been RPCNA pastors.


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Praying for your new congregation! May all the RPCNA congregations find faithful shepherds, I believe there are somewhere between 10 and 15 open pulpits.
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